Pet Reflections

Pet Portraits and Wildlife in Pencil and Pyrography

Pyrography (The art of burning)

What is it?

     The definition of Pyrography is " the art of writing with fire" using a heated tip or wire to burn or scratch designs onto natural surfaces such as wood or leather.Pyrography is more commonly known as woodburning.  


    Pyrography was practiced by a number of  cultures including the Egyptians and some African tribes since the dawn of recorded time.          

   It is an art that although sometimes associated with hobbyists using soldering type tools has evolved to become a fine art widely embraced as such by artists, collectors, galleries, and show juries.

    Pyrographers of all statures produce some the most interesting , perceptive and beautiful art in the world.

  My area of focus is on wildlife, or Pet Portraiture.

I use photo's for reference to produce highly detailed drawings burned into your choice of a traditional oval plaque, wood slabs, or leather.

Here are some samples to give you a better idea....So take a nature walk  and discover the beauty of Pyrographic art.


Lion on an oval pine plaque            Wolf on Pine slab         



 This mountain lion is burned on a bass wood slab.       

The wolf and moose below are two examples of how I can frame them.  The wolf is strung with leather ties to a handmade pine frame.

The Moose is strung to a uniquely shaped frame made from African Mohagany.


  These are three samples of Pet portraits burned on wood plaques.

              "Weezie"                                     "Bruno"                                            "Dawson"